Thursday, July 07, 2011

SVA Cartooning grads to watch out for, 2011

This spring a new crop of cartooning students graduated from the School of Visual Arts with BFAs from the Department of Illustration & Cartooning. In this post I'm going to link to a few of these talented rookies for your approval and edification. Editors, art directors, agents, and Hollywood moguls take note!!

Note that this is not a definitive best-of, just a few links to artists that I particularly like and who for the most part were students of mine at some point (also a few interns, which makes them extra-awesome).

Maggie Siegel-Berele's art is featured at the top of this post

Philip Bubbeo

Megan Brennan

Rel Finkelstein
**former intern bonus shout-out!!**

Megan and Rel also collaborate and have a studio together under the name of Best Pest.

Mike Luckas

Henry Fernau

Da Young Jung
**former intern bonus shout-out!!**

Not on the internet (or at least too hard to find), boo!

Robert Richburg

Jean Calderone

all art © copyright the respective artists

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